Бонусная программа Апарт-отель «Наумов» - забронировать гостиницу в Москве
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How to get a loyalty card?

  • If you stay at the Apart-hotel "Naumov" more than 7 days.
  • With a one-time payment of more than 15 000 rubles for accommodation.
  • After the third visit to the Apart-hotel " Naumov»

How it works ?

  • The loyalty card is npn cumulative.
  • Each loyalty card is numbered with an individual number, which is entered into the guest card at issue.
  • When a guest contacts the hotel for booking by phone or through the website

How is the discount charged on the card?

  • The initial discount on the card is 10% of the tariff at the hotel website.
  • Discount is not applied for the reservation of less then a day